Why I Support Senator Dianne Feinstein for ReElection

  - By Kate Van Buren 


     Our democracy is hanging by a thread. Every day, our rights and freedoms are being chipped away, with a strategic plan in place to give more power to the executive branch. The judicial branch is being filled with hundreds of conservative appointments. Our current Congressional branch is majority Republican, and with few exceptions, are complicit in treasonous behavior.

     When we flip the house in November, we need Democrats we can trust to right this ship and start impeachment proceedings. Representative Nancy Pelosi must be elected Speaker. She has been extraordinarily effective in keeping the Democratic caucus together, and that is why Republicans fear her. She is experienced, strong and courageous, and even though she may not be as vocal about impeachment as many of us would like, she has reasons for maintaining her measured position.

      The House will not be able to successfully impeach if we do not have votes in the Senate for it. Senator Feinstein is one of the most senior officials in Congress. She has the respect of both Democrats and Republicans, and she will need to convince her Republican colleagues that it is time to hold this administration accountable for human rights violations, abuse of journalists and the First Amendment, cronyism, ethics violations, and conspiracy with a foreign power to interfere in our elections. The only people I trust to get us out of this mess are the women who have served through multiple administrations and know how to guide us back to the light.

      As a patriot, a mother, a business woman and a community volunteer, I urge you to support Senator Feinstein. This is not the right time to vote out the incumbent. We need her wisdom and steady hand now, because our lives depend on it.

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