Walk Away?

You may have heard of the Russian troll fiction called Walk Away. Walk Away is a non-existent movement of African Americans who are supposed to be ‘walking away’ from the Democratic Party and embracing Trump doctrine. Of course there is no such movement, but Communist nerds working in dank offices near the Kremlin came up with the idea, put it on social media, and more obedient Russian nerd-slaves cowering in gulag click farms gave it thousands of clicks. So now if you look on Twitter, Walking Away appears to have been forwarded by thousands of Americans and is going viral.

Almost everyone knows this is an entirely phony “movement”, but some people will jump aboard whatever they think is the newest trend-ticket to fame. It’s should be embarrassing for them when they realize they’ve been hoodwinked by Russia, but of course some people are incapable of embarrassment. So it is with Brandon Strake who appeared on Fox as one of the walkers. Strake pretended he was one of the thousands of disaffected Democrats. But there are no thousands, only those sad clicks from the gulags.

You know if you watch FOX that it’s newscasters will seize upon any fantasy and clutch it to their gold-plated hearts. So they treat the Russian scheme as legitimate and make their eyes bug out in fake astonishment as they talk about it.

How to fight back? Well, we can make a fake movement too: Too Smart to Stay--Republicans fleeing the GOP. We could all chip in and pay a click farm to advance our falsehood, plant stories on Facebook, call up talk shows and say, “I used to be a staunch Republican but Trump has made me cringe so much I’ve lost an inch of height.” Things like that.

But we don’t like lying and treachery. Another good weapon against the Walking Away fraud is ridicule. Since it is a joke we could make a joke of it. Some call it Comrade Walk Away, to the annoyance of bots on Facebook, bots who want to disable the Democrats. The point is to use satire as a weapon to combat Moscow and its deceits. Sometimes it works, releases the truth, and saves us from increased Fox fulminating. Anything that does that is worth a shot.

Russian bots slave to undermine American vote

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