-Our Mission Statement-

The Mission of the Women Democrats of Sacramento County (WDSC) is to get women elected and impact social change by redefining the role of women in politics while advocating for equity, justice, and economic advancement.

Our objectives are:

  • Promote and expand the role of women in politics and their engagement in the political process.

  • Facilitate understanding of, and engagement in, issues that concern and affect women through support, advocacy and ongoing educational programs.

  • Maintain cooperative relations and coordinate activities with other community and Democratic Party organizations.

  • Initiate and advocate for legislation that improves the civil, social, economic and political status of women and other underrepresented groups.

  • Uphold the principles of the Democratic Party.

  • Work to expand the Democratic Party Electorate and elect qualified Democrats to local, state and national office.



Women Democrats of Sacramento County is a political club chartered by the Democratic Party of Sacramento County.

Our organization was founded on September 1, 1953.

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Civil Rights

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Working Families

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Reproductive Rights


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